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Hey everyone, yesterday was our 1 year aniversary as a band, it is pretty sweet.  But I finally got some pics up under the pics section. Sorry if they take a while to load, but i guess that just seems to happen. haha. Well have a good day. Later.
Haha, we have finally updated our site. we will be changing it around a lot probably so don't get to used to it. haha. but anyways we will have more lyrics up soon, and pics also. The show on the 7th was really fun. Thanks for everyone who came out. Thanks for checking us out. Later days.             -Nathan
We will be playing Friday, Nov. 7th for a benefit show with In the Face of War, "as I you" and more.  All proceeds go to benefit Sheperd Community (a non-profit, non-government inner city missions) check the shows section for more details.
Finding Exodus will be playing this Friday (10/10) at Anderson University for the Jamfest.  It starts at 6pm and will be outside in the Smith hall courtyard.  Admission is free.
We're playing this Thursday at the Orchestra Fall Social.  So if anyone is in any of the orchestras at CHS be sure to come.  We still don't know when we're playing, but it starts at 6, so be there or be a four sided shape with all sides equal.
Well, it's been awhile. We got some show opportunities coming up.  Oct. 2nd playing for the high school orchestras, Oct. 11th at Anderson University, and some posibilities at the Soulbait Cafe.  These aren't for sure,  but more details will be coming soon. God bless
Show August 23rd with "as I you" and Only When I Burn. Check the shows section for details.
Hey, a couple of news updates here.  First off, Jared is no longer with us.  Filling in on drums for awhile will be David Leap of "as I you" and we greatly appreciate his helping us out.  Also, we had a practice last night and have a new song.  The lyrics are up in the music section.  We're also working on getting some shirts made, so look for those soon.
Happy 4th of July to anyone who reads this (probably not many).  Finding Exodus had a practice last night.  The first since the Northside Riot. 
There was an awesome turnout for the show on the 26th, over 500 people showed up. Thank you to all the bands who played and to everyone who came. And a big thank you to Chris and Adam at the Soulbait Cafe for running this thing, and Adam for filling in for Jared on very short notice.
We have a HUGE show announcement, so go check out the shows area.